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January 2012

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[update] 2012.01.21

My LJ is closed

It was a great adventure but now, it's over.


omg why so sudden?°__° for SOPA etc?
all my links are unavailable... then, that lj doesn't have a justification anymore...
argh you're right..everything of your files were on MU...but maybe someone saved them and is willing to upload them again U_U"
I also using MU.( ノω-、)
Therefore, all of my links can not be used too.
I looks forward to it only a little, saying the return of the day when it can be used sometime.(Probably, it is impossible.)It is sad.。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
Do you close down your LJ really?
If so,Thank you very much so far.
(Probably, my English is strange.
Wanted you to be able to understand right by my english.m(__)m)
I Don't plan to delete that LJ anyway, it's just closed ^_^
I heard it and was relieved (*´ェ`*)
If you plan to re- upload at the other site such as MF, I cooperate with you.
However, I lose the dater of the HDD of me once.
I had almost lost the dater to have gotten from you.
But, If there is one which can cooperate with me, you please tell it to me.m(__)m
I'm so sorry. Honestly, one of the first things I thought of when MU went down was your lj. There were so many things I was planning to download someday. I really took it for granted that they would always be there, I have so few compared to what I want. I'm sincerely heartbroken thinking about it. :(

If I may, do you still have copies of these files? I totally understand why you wouldn't want to face uploading them ever again but I was wondering if they still survived.

Thank you so much for all your hard work over the years, this was a really thrilling place to discover when I was new to fandom! I only wish I'd taken advantage of it better, you created something really wonderful. ♥♥ Maybe if you don't mind, you could at least leave this comm up as a list. You organized it so well! All the best to you, really.
Of course, I still have all the files, but as you say, i cannot face uploading them again... not for the moment...
Oh dear...this is sad news ^^' All u'r hard work gone JUST like that...I'm sorry 4 that happen 2 U...all u'r work is really amazing 4 me ^^ It's make my life wonderful ^^ Thank U my friend ^_^ I hope something miracle will happen 4 those U have done in here =)
That's sad .
very sorry for what happened to your files.
Thank you very much for every thing you did for us .
Thank you so much for being so nice and sharing those many files!!!!! ♥♥ I just wish I downloaded them all~ ;__;
MU's shut down is really devastating. :(

Anyway, thank you very much for all your hard work!

*big hug*
I'm sorry you are closing!! But thank you for all you have done all this time and hope to see you again sometime soon!!! ;)
I´m so sad to hear this!!

Please don´t go!!!T_T

Maybe you can ask all your friends to help you upload some episodes and maybe all of us can actually make everything up and good again^^

When I heard about MU I thought about all your links... all the K8 old shows I never downloaded... I finished my Honjani collection just the other day, but there were still so many that I missed. Sad. It also makes me angry because I can't even IMAGINE how much time you spent on all this.

It makes me relieved knowing that you still have the files, even though you're not able to reupload them right now. At least they still exist and are safe somewhere!! ^^

We're kind of trying to start a recovery project, re-uploading old files that exist no longer without MU available. Would you mind if I re-uploaded stuff I got here from you?

Thank you so much for all your efforts during all this time. It's thanks to you that I could know more about my dear boys and I'll be forever grateful. :)
I don't own the videos then of course you can re upload everything you want ^^
Yay then, thanks for replying ^___^
Thanks for the uploads. You're a godsend. ♥
Oh... It's sad to hear about this.
I also thought about your lj when I heard about MU. I mean... everything's lost... :/ Although I downloaded all your files like crazy back when everything was alive, so I could re-upload pretty much everything xDDDD

Thank you so much for everything! Your lj was a saviour for my growing eito fangirl <3 Thank you so much!!!
i really hope you just maintain your lj to your lj friends.. can't you? i know i never talked to you before but i stalk your lj from time to time and sadly i haven't dl-ed much from you.. now i feel sad. i so hate Sopa...it's horrible..
Otsukare sama deshita *bow*
thanks to you that I can get many wonderful eito files, thank you so much (><)
I'm sorry that all your work is gone now. (;_;)
I'm so sorry. All of your hard work must have disappeared in an instant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the files that you shared until this tradgedy. I hope someday you'll feel better, and if nothing else happens to the internet I hope you'll post them up again for new fans.
I didn't get to download much but I'm forever greatful to you for the things that I did download. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Oh! I'm so sorry you have to close it..but I can imagine how hard it is right now T_____T

As "topazera" said ✿

one of the first things I thought of when MU went down was your lj. There were so many things I was planning to download someday. I really took it for granted that they would always be there, I have so few compared to what I want. I'm sincerely heartbroken thinking about it. :("

she expressed some of what I was thinking of but I didn't have the word to describe it..also I was feeling sad & worried about you,because it must been hard to watch all those hours of uploading gone in a second ! also your personal files that maybe was there too..it's really hard times for all of us this days (I lost a premium account that won't expire till 2013 ! & all my files in there too T____T )

I really can't thank you enough dear for all the lovely thing you shared & for nicely helped a lot of Eighters,really grateful more than I can express..you are amazing

it was a great journey indeed..thank you so much for taking us with you & letting us be a little part of your LJ world ♥♥

Itsumo Arigato for all your hard work over the years

Wish you the best always in everything you do ^__^

(so glad you won't remove this LJ though ^^ ,those precious memories deserves to stay ♥ )
:( It's so sad every link is now dead! Your hard work... I never thought MU could close someday... ;___; Anyway, I have almost every Kanjani8 related file from your journal, so if you ever want to re-open this, just tell me and I'll help you uploading them~ Thank you until now!! <3
Uwaaah! I was away from the fandom once again and upon coming back, I see this!
It's sad!

I believe kindness is a trait that you possess, you shared the joy of k8 with us.
And for that I am very much thankful for.You were like an inviting, warm threshold that would always be there.Really!

I can't thank you enough for all the joy your sharing have done.But nevertheless, thank you so much for everything!

I may have downloaded just a small percentage of all that you have but if ever you need any uploading, I help to the most that I can!:)

Thank you again for all and may you be blessed in everything!:)